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Steve Jillings
Operating Partner & Investment Committee Member

Mr. Jillings' role is to apply his knowledge and expertise to assist on assessing potential partners and providing advice to our portfolio companies at both the Board level and operational level. Mr Jillings has more than 30 years of business-building experience, specifically in the areas of corporate finance, sales, marketing and technology. He has been responsible for eight start-ups throughout his career, taking them from inception to commercialization and in several cases leading to successful liquidity events. Most recently as CEO at TeleSign, Steve raised US$79 million in growth capital and lead TeleSign to become the #1 Company in the Two Factor Authentication and Digital Identity category. Starting with 12 employees and single digit millions in revenue, TeleSign grew to 300 employees and more than US$100 million in profitable annual revenue. Telesign has recently been acquired by BICS for US$350 million.